Flower Creek Dunes preserveFlower Creek Beach

A late August view of the Muskegon County preserve. Oil/canvas 12″x36″

“I hadn’t been to Flower Creek before, about an hour north of where I live in Holland. The drive through the farm land just east of Meinert Park was quintessentially western Michigan. Old farmsteads and fields in late summer. With water levels up on the big lake the short walk to the preserve offered a choice of surfaces–damp hard-packed sand or powdery dry sand…. The view from the boardwalk was stunning, but at this time of year foliage blocked a lot of the view of Lake Michigan. And I wasn’t eager to make a painting about the forest at my back. So I followed my instinct and walked back to the beach and decided to make a painting based on that late-August sense of imminent autumn, when the air is warm but the sky hints at fall. The wooded dunes loom over the scene. The perspective shows how the dunes dominate the landscape, even though we often take them for granted here in western Michigan. I haven’t done a lot of Lake Michigan beach scenes, so I enjoyed this one.”