This web site’s purpose is to provide a place to show a selected portfolio of work––primarily painting––but photography and music, as well, in a context within which these works can inform and relate to one another. Once in a while I’ll include posts on other topics, such as environmental issues.

This web site should also serve as a point for some commentary—perhaps even a conversation––on drawing and painting, photography, and music, including thoughts and observations on experience, memory, mimesis, composition, art and art-making, design, travel, culture and related topics. In other words, seeing, listening, and the process of trying to understand the desire to respond to the world by making something apart from it.

The paintings provide places for the viewer to meditate on plastic, formal interrelationships involving color, value, shape, line and edge. I want the paintings to continue to be a field for discovery upon repeated viewings. Within this broad context I focus on our mapping and exploitation of the natural world. Particular subjects, such as bridges, rivers, agriculture and the built environment point to concrete metaphors that open up poetic truths about our experience and history.